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London & Surrey

personal training strength, weight, cross-fit, circuit training boot camp in Richmond, Kew, Mortlake, Sheen, Barnes, Chiswick fitness classes. Best top local pt near me.

Top personal trainer in London


Actually, you are here to find out what benefits you can get from my training, apart from who I am! So, let`s focus on how I can help you reach your goal in a reasonable time.

My role as a Fitness Coach and PT in Richmond, Kew, Sheen, Mortlake, Chiswick, Barness, Teddington, Esher, Hampton, Brentford, Acton, Kensington, Putney, Isleworth, North Sheen, East Sheen, Ham, Kingston, Earls Court, West London, South West London

My job is to help you reach your ultimate goal through assisting you with honing your form and technique to make sure you are safe while staying motivated. To find out how effective is my approach:


​​I design a bespoke Body Transformation Program to target my clients' genuine needs. The Plan: Challenging the total body, commitment and grit will activate the hidden potential and push their limits as well.


These improve Confidence, Stamina, Strength, Body Shape, and Independency which is everyone's dream!​​


Having more than two decades experience, I absolutely understand my prospects' expectations. So, I try to be a dedicated and professional Fitness Coach to help my clients achieve their desired goal in a safe and effective way while they are staying motivated.


I try to implement a holistic approach to remove the possible barriers which are holding them back!


For me, everyone's needs and goals are unique. From the start day, you experience an organised, professional, engaged and, above all, an effective bespoke Program, learning how to apply the correct technique and form, proper execution of exercise when training and the lifestyle interventions, e.g., how to eat smart before and after your training to boost your sessions, too.



As you know, every goal or success cannot be achieved properly unless a smart plan and goal setting are organised and implemented.

 To make this happen, I offer you a Clarity Consultancy Appointment before you start your Body Reset Plan.



In this free Clarity consultation Meeting, we are going to explore all aspects of your current Lifestyle, Wellness, Body Composition and Fitness Level and discuss the one you would like to have or you used to have in the past!

















 About Me


I am Kiwi Karimi, a fitness coach with a strong passion for Fitness and Wellness, having been in Fitness for more than two decades!


My approach is Holistic and Practical, applying Healthy Lifestyle Interventions Program in my clients' plan. 



My passion for health and fitness started when I was 10 years old. I achieved Tae Kwon Do the black belt in 1990, working as a Martial arts instructor, H 2 H trainer in Military, Yoga and Self-defense instructor, London BMF trainer and been training in Gyms, Home and Parks. 



I am running regular indoor and outdoor Weight-loss Challenge Group Classes in Richmond upon Thames, Kew, Chiswick, Barnes, East and North Sheen, Mortlake and nearby towns, West and South West London & North Surrey.



I am a qualified Personal Trainer and National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM, (in USA)  Specialist level 4 in the following fields too.

🌟Weight Loss Specialist ( WLS )

  🌟Senior Fitness Specialist ( SFS )

   ðŸŒŸYouth Exercise Specialist ( YES )

An Enhanced DBS Fitness coach is suitable for people working with children or adults in certain circumstances such as those in receipt of healthcare or personal care.



Apart from the Experience, Skills, Qualifications and Speciality as a Fitness coach. I try to be friendly and helpful whenever you need me, serious when it is about the goal, sympathetic when you are faced with a problem.


I am a Holistic Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, working with a diverse group of clients which most of them are referred to by local health professionals such as Gps, Weight loss clinics and nutritionists.


My approach is Holistic and Practical, applying Healthy Lifestyle Interventions in my clients' Plan. I offer an effective and comprehensive Holistic Fitness Program which is unique, a customised plan for an individual considering his/her own needs, lifestyle and fitness goal.​


I offer a week trial, including Clarity Consultancy Appointment, to show you how practical my training approach is!


Before starting the plan 

I record the client's Body composition: Body muscle, Body fat percentage, BMI and Body measurements too. 

I also ask my clients to take an image of their body to keep as a memory for their own use.

Regularly I do the same assessment to make sure the client is on the right track.


Why Regular Body Transformation Check?

I believe that being accountable and transparent are the important keys to growing a business.

So even a little progress increases the clients' motivation and holds them accountable!



The good results also encourage them to stick to the plan!

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North and East Sheen, Mortlake, Twickenham, Hampton, Teddington and Richmond one of best

personal training health clubs, studios, gyms in West, South West London and Surrey. 

Best mobile Personal trainer near me
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