The Answers You Need

Where do our personal training clients come from?

Mostly our clients come from Weight-loss clinics, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Therapists and Private health centres. Some find us through Googling and some by word-of-mouth recommendations!

What do I need to think about before starting a fitness plan?

The answer for most people looks simple, but from my experience, it is not!


As some studies show, most people start a fitness plan or challenge without having any good and strong reasons!


Of course, they say, e.g. " I want to lose 6 kg within one month ", but they do not plan for it! I mean there is no strong motivation or knowledge behind the goal!

In other words, they have not convinced

themselves to spend time writing down the plan to follow!

The truth is if we can convince ourselves that we need to start changing in a good way as your goal requires, in fact, we have done more than half way of our plan!

Any change is difficult. It needs some preparation. To achieve a goal we certainly need to have a deep understanding of the following questions!


Do we have a solid reason to start a fitness plan?


Who can help us start from scratch?


Are we mentally ready to start the training?


What are the most barriers that could prevent us from reaching the goal?


How important is the goal to us?


What kinds of skills and experience does our Personal trainer, Fitness Coach, need to have?

and more..


From my experience, people could find difficult to achieve their goal for some reasons such as:

 In some cases people do not set reasonable goals and sometimes the Key elements are not considered importantly and handled properly from the start point!


So the approach, understanding our needs whether training sides or meal plan are very important! 

Above all, I am sure you agree, no one would give up the Plan even the hardest one easily if they understand the necessity and benefits of the goal. 

So,  there could be at least two main reasons to drop the Plan. The first is the goal is not worth enough for them and secondly they have not been prepared for the plan in an organised way.

Why a Week Trial Plan?

 There is no doubt, these days finding a local experienced and trusted Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach who meets your needs could be really difficult as social media and advertising companies are strong enough to mislead people.


So, nothing must be better than your Week Trial experience to feel confident

about your Personal trainer choice and understand the reality, clarity, quality and accountability of having an effective plan.

 Needless to say, the more we discover our barriers, which have negative impacts on our Health and Fitness, the better we plan to remove them! 


As a Specialised Weight-loss Fitness Coach considering my professionalism and years of experience, I have to learn more about your current situation to remove possible Negative Lifestyle Choices constantly and replace them with Positive Lifestyle Choices to boost our training.

 So, In order to design an effective mid or long term plan and achieve our goal, the week trial plan gives us, you and I, a valuable practical opportunity to understand how we can work together efficiently to achieve our desired goal without wasting the time and money! ​

How much does a session or couple of sessions cost?

We all know that having a session or even a few sessions are not going to be as  good as properly planned ones unless you have your own reasons!

Health and Fitness improvement takes weeks for a short plan or months if you have a long term fitness plan.

So we recommend you to book a Free Taster Session or The Week Body Reset Trial to see firstly how effective our Body Reset Plan is, secondly to find out your current Fitness level and Body Composition percentage rate and, above all, the realistic goal that you can achieve through the numbers of sessions.

After doing your free taster sessions, assessment results and having an idea about your desired goal, we can offer you a proper bespoke package to target your needs and a reasonable price which most of our clients have found competitive and affordable.

So we highly recommend you to book your first taster session even if you are not completely sure whether this is for you or not!

What sets us apart from the other Personal trainers?

Positive attitude, Drive and Determination! We try to know your current position and needs precisely before jumping to the solutions!

We do not believe in applying a special diet since it could affect your health in the long term and also your body composition could return to the previous state as soon as you stop being on diet!

So, what we offer is to have regular bespoke training plus a healthy lifestyle including mindful eating. This keeps you healthy and in shape while you enjoy your smart eating and exercises too.