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The Week Body Reset Trial

The Week of realizing how effective a Fitness Training Plan can be!

The Plan is perfect for everyone who is thinking of trying to find a good, practical and effective fitness plan and a dedicated, highly experienced and specialist Fitness Coach, Personal trainer. The Personal trainer who is specialised in the types of Fitness Training for different kinds of age groups.

The Week Body Reset Trial Plan gives you an opportunity to realise how smart we can help you start enjoying workouts and following the lifestyle interventions plan to boost your health and improve your body shape!

The week trial including:​                                                                                               

  • The Clarity Consultancy Appointment

  • The Taster session

  • Two Bespoke Personal training 1 t0 1 sessions, One indoors and one outdoors sessions

  •  Pick you up from your home to the gym or park if needed!

  • Your daily Bespoke Meal Plan considering your Goal!

  • Your own part training with my instructions, the day you do not have a session with me!

  • Regular progress check!

  • The Body Reset Week Trial cost: £49

After the week trial, you can continue your plan or just end your training.

In one week trial, you will notice how effective my approach is!
So, it will be easier for you to make your decision.