How much does
my Personal training cost?

Being professional and transparent is a key

for my personal training business!



 giving the price before having an idea


your current conditions 

could not


reasonable and fair!


in order to offer an exact price,


I should have

a solid and practical information about


current fitness level,

body composition percentages,

the goal which is more suitable for you,

the numbers of sessions

which you need to achieve the goal

and more . .



will be clear

in the free week trial!



Please find

the following approximate Price


one hour Personal Training Session

in West London & Surrey. 

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email us

your best time & location!





Per session is 1 hour

No cancellation charge

No contract

Regular holistic goal support, e.g. meal plan..

Free week trial,

No obligation to join after the trial.

click here to Join now in 1 to 1 session,

6 sessions, £55 per session

12 sessions plan, £50 per session

3 months valid 

click here to Join now in 2 people in a session,

£30 each person,

click here to Join now in 3 people in a session, 

£25 each person,






We cover

West London & North Surrey​ 

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