Our Specialists Fitness & Weight-loss
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Fitness & Weight-loss Specialist Training Sessions

one to one or small group

indoors & outdoors sessions

Starts with

  • Free Clarity Consultancy Appointment

  • Exploring your real needs, barriers and ..

  • To discuss what can be your realistic goal considering your current Body Composition and Fitness Level



A Taster Training Session

1 hour session

Price: Free


A Week trial

includes 3 Training Sessions

Each session 1 hour 

Price: £75 


The Price list


Per Session 1 hour

Includes the following daily support

Session could be indoors or outdoors


Non_plan, regular, 1 to 1 sessions: £60

6 weeks plan, 12 sessions: £55​ per session


6 weeks plan, 18 sessions: £50 per session


6 weeks Me and my Partner 12 Session: £70 per session


Small Group, Max 3 people, £30 each person


During your Training Plan

  • Smart Goal setting and Action plan

  • Applying Bespoke Meal Plan

  • Implementing the tailored training to your needs and goal

  • Tracking your Body Transformation at first, mid and final day of the Plan

Extra support

  • You can choose the place to train: Home, Gyms or Parks

  • Pick you up from your home, busy mums, if needed

  • Send you regular meal prep guide, videos



We highly recommend you

to book your consultation appointment


free taster session

even if you are not sure we could help you!


Still there are good benefits to get from

 the free session


you can find out more about


    Fitness Level and Holistic Solutions

  • To see our clients' outstanding results

  • your current Body Composition by the machine

  •  professional advice about your Goal Setting and Action Planning!

  • To learn how to apply mindful eating and tailored workouts in your plan


    Experience 30 minutes Bespoke Smart Training with us to see how effectively to target your needs





"My free taster session"



no obligation to join or sign up!