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To be honest, there are no shortcuts in being Healthy and Fit. So always I have been trying to research and learn more to find out how to optimise my service in order to increase my clients' success rate in achieving their ultimate goal. So to make your goal happen and to see your smile, working together is a vital key​​ on two parts:

  1. The Training part, includes Body Transformation Fat to Muscle and Fitness improvement level. 2. The lifestyle interventions part, consists of organising eating habits, being away from Stress and any diets and environmental assaults and also increasing clients' motivation and stamina. So as a result of working together on the two Parts, Body Shape Changes starts effectively then you could notice in 2 to 3 weeks and You could surprise your friends and family in six to eight weeks!  During the last twenty years I have helped hundreds of clients to achieve their ultimate goal whether their goals were Slimming down, Toning up, Strength improvement, Muscle gain, Performance or Health improvement, Back pain or Stress relief, general physical, Posture improvement and Obesity.From my experience, Knowledge and learning from my past clients' outstanding results, I believe Every client`s Program must be unique, tailored and Comprehensive to meet their needs to achieve their goals. So what we, you and I, need is to WORK TOGETHER not just HARD but SMART in an ORGANISED WAY!  

 Check out my offerings and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.

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