Senior & Youth Fitness Training


As you may know, Youth and Older adults are considered as special populations. So their needs and training goals are different compared with the other age groups.

Why Seniors and Youth need to have fitness Program?

Senior Fitness Training Benefits

According to

National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM

Regular exercise


training in older adults

 can improve


balance and coordination,


the risk of falls,

enhance glucose tolerance


insulin sensitivity,

improve reaction time


can help

maintain healthy blood lipid values

(Powers & Howley, 2018).


Most importantly,

regular training

can assist an older adult

in maintaining independence

(Shephard, 1993). "

Youth Exercise Training Benefits

As NASM mentions,

Children under the age of 13 years old

can benefit

greatly from regular exercise 

(both aerobic and strength training).


The Centers for Disease Control (2020)

recommends that children

engage in 60 minutes

of moderate to vigorous exercise daily.


This should include

flexibility, balance, strength


aerobic training.


Regular exercise also


enhanced neuromuscular control,

increased bone mass,

enhanced academic scores


improvement in overall self-esteem



(Centers for Disease Control, 2020)."

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