Packages, Small group and Block 

booking prices






Types of Training Packages

Weight-loss  training

General Health and Wellbeing training


Balance and Flexibility training 

Strength and Muscle Building training


 Performance training  

Six Weeks Plan Training

Before you start

your plan!

A. Record of your Weight and Size

B. Body composition test by the Machine

C. Fitness level assessment


The Plan Details


The Training Plan Length: 6 weeks

12 sessions one to one with Kiwi

(2 sessions a week)

Per session length: 1 hour




12 to 18 sessions with Kiwi`s support

(2 to 3 sessions a week)

with a list of the tailored workouts

and instructions to do on your own

with Kiwi`s support

in order to reduce

the number of sessions, the cost


to encourage you to work independently!



Daily tailored Meal Plan!

Regular Progress Check every three weeks!

No contract!

One day notice to leave!

Pay as you go option!

No cancellation charge!

The place of training: At Home, your local Park or Gym


The Packages Price: £720



Small Group Training

Boot Camp



Your local Park


Maximum 3 people


Each person


Per Session: 1 hour


6 sessions £180


12 sessions £300






personal training sessions 


per session: 1 hour

5 sessions


12 sessions


Three months valid