Are there any simple rules to boost our health and fitness level?

Updated: Jan 21

The answer is yes, of course everybody could have different attitudes towards these rules. Simple lifestyle interventions could improve your Health and Fitness level. As a Mobile Holistic Fitness Coach and Personal trainer at new branch Body Shape Dream London located in Chertsey, I have been using the following basic rules in my clients' program, Holistic Lifestyle Interventions Personal Training Program, for many years. This is true, there is no any shortcuts in being healthy and fit, but these simple and general rules have had a massive impact on helping my clients to achieve their goals.

The rules are easy to follow. Of course, it takes times to get to used to it like the other daily habits.

  1. Remove Stress from yourself by Being organized. So Plan at night for whatever you are going to do next day! even for your next day meal. You won't experience any Stress unless an accident occurs. Think of how many accidents could happen in a week!? Probably none!

  2. Be Healthy, Fit and Save money by starting cooking simple high quality fresh foods which even cost cheaper than delivery, restaurants or fast foods. You can cook two times a week and use them during a week.

  3. Eat frequently but small portions.

  4. Make your meal simple, not many ingredients which could be empty calories but using nutritious ingredients.

  5. Sipping water during day could increase your metabolism. Avoid any kind of drinks: fizzy, coke .. even natural juices but enjoy Black coffee and Green tea, Herbal tea, Fruits and Vegetables

  6. Start your day with a glass of warm water then boost your immune system with eating breakfast including High Protein and Complex carb Foods.

  7. Do not skip your snack or meal even if you want to lose weight, although Dieting and Fasting could help but lifestyle improvement is more effective in weight management.

  8. Concentrate on what you eat if you want to enjoy your food unless you just want to fill in your stomach. So not to watch TV while eating and try mindful eating!

  9. Be away from Tins, Cans, Processed, Packaged, Refined, Prepared and Fast foods as much as you can.

  10. Train you Mind and Body together through attending weekly Yoga class, Self-defense class and Cardio and Resistance classes. Each of these classes could guarantee your Mental and Physical health.

Needless to say, there are much more than these to consider if you look at the case deeply. As a Mobile Holistic Personal Trainer in Majestic Fitness Richmond, North Sheen, Kew, Richmond Upon Thames, Chiswick and nearby towns I have helped hundreds of people who suffering from Obesity, Diabetes, Back pain, Depression, higher blood pressure, Postural imbalance and Eating disorder have been referred by their GP or Health professional, using my experience and knowledge. I train my clients wherever they are comfortable, their Home, nearest Park or Gym.

Kiwi is running regular indoor and outdoor Boot camp, personal training group in Chertsey and nearby towns: in the chertsey parks and Chertsey mead.

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