Got a question? Eating or drinking at night cause weight gain or not?

Updated: Jan 22

This is a common myth which most people think the time of eating meal during day or night affects their body fat. The truth is biologically it is not the time of eating causes fat gain but your extra daily intake of calories causing weight gain, in other words, if you eat or drink more than your daily body needs then the extra calories will be stored in your body as fat. In short, there is no specific or recommended time for having your meal. So to avoid storing fat in your body, it is necessary focusing on the regular meals during 24 hours to make sure not to exceed the daily allowance calories considering your body needs. Kiwi is certified NASM weight-loss specialist serves his clients near Richmond and nearby towns such as Weybridge, Shepperton .. also west London such as in Kew, Richmond upon Thames, Chiswick, Kensington . .

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