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Best Personal trainer in Kew

Why not to try our Bespoke Holistic Lifestyle Interventions Personal Training and Weight-loss Program near Kew Gardens to see how effective our approach is! 


Personal training Sessions in Kew, Richmond 

Kew is one of the most popular areas in Richmond! It is famous for Kew Gardens (the Royal Botanic Gardens).


According to Evening Standard, " The south-west London suburb of riverside Kew is one of London’s special places, with among its gems an historic village cricket green and the world’s most famous botanical garden stuffed with rare and exotic treasures."


There are a lot of things to do at Kew Gardens! You can expect to see some local or even national food festivals, tours and visitors from around the world and, of course, the wonderful greenhouses which you probably have never seen before!


Apart from Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, you can enjoy the cricket club and pubs at Kew Green. Lovely green countryside where you can enjoy there with your family or friends. We do train our clients, one to one personal training sessions and small group Boot camp too. Our personal training and weight-loss program in Kew is one of the best programs in West London.  


There are many communities which are strong to connect people together in Kew, Richmond, e.g., child-friendly activities near Kew: NCT KEW BUMPS AND BABIES, GUNNERSBURY BAPTIST CHURCH, FRANCES LUNDY SCHOOL OF DANCE, ARTABUGS, SUNBEAMS, TIPPITOES and more ...


As a local fitness and weight-loss service provider, we try to understand our clients' needs and expectations. We believe that everyone is unique that is why we apply bespoke holistic lifestyle interventions Personal training and Weight-loss program to try to remove all the barriers which could stop the clients reaching their desired goal. Our training is on-site and mobile based.


So, our Personal trainer in Kew, train our clients in the local gym, Parks and home too. Most of our outdoor training is in Kew Green next to St Anne's Church and Dog Park, North Road, in Kew, North Sheen Recreation Ground.


We are specialised Personal trainers from NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine, with more than two decades experience in Weight-loss, Strength and Endurance Training, Senior and Youth Fitness level 4 Specialist with a background of Military boot camp, Martial arts, Yoga and Holistic outdoors training too. 


So, you can be sure that our fitness professionals are highly qualified and trusted by local people and businesses in Kew and nearby towns.



To see some of our clients' feedback, please search Body Shape Dream London! 

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Best Personal training and Weight-loss Coaching in Kew, Kew Gardens and Kew village. Highly experienced, recommended, trusted and qualified Personal trainer in Kew and near Kew Hardens. Our Mobile, On-site and Home One to one Training Sessions located in Richmond Kew and we do Small Group Boot camp Weight-loss Sessions at Kew Green, Richmond TW9 3AA.

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