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I am a fitness coach with strong passion

for Fitness and Wellness,

been in Fitness

for more than two decades!

My approach is Holistic and Practical,


Healthy Lifestyle Interventions Program

in my clients' Plan. 

My passion for health and fitness started

when I was 10 years old.

got Tae Kwon Do the black belt in 1990,

working as a Martial arts instructor,

H 2 H trainer in Military,

Yoga and Self-defense instructor,

London BMF trainer and

been training in Gyms, Home and Parks. 



I am running regular indoor and outdoors Weight-loss Challenge Group Classes in Richmond upon Thames, Kew, Chiswick, Barnes, East and North Sheen, Mortlake and nearby towns, West London & North Surrey.


I am a qualified Personal Trainer and National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM, (in USA)  Specialist level 4 in the following fields too.

🌟Weight Loss Specialist ( WLS )

  🌟Senior Fitness Specialist ( SFS )

   🌟Youth Exercise Specialist ( YES )


Apart from the Experience, Skills,

Qualifications and Speciality

as a Fitness coach.

I am friendly and helpful

whenever you need me,

serious when it is about the goal,


when you are faced with a problem.


I am a Holistic Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, working with a diverse group of clients which most of them are referred by local health professionals such as Gps, Weight loss clinics and nutritionists.




How effective the program is?


My approach is Holistic and Practical, applying

Healthy Lifestyle Interventions

in my clients' Plan.

I offer an effective and comprehensive

Holistic Fitness Program which is unique,

a customised plan for an individual

considering his/her own needs,

lifestyle and fitness goal.​

I offer a free taster session to show you how my training approach is different! I need you to send me a week of your daily routine including eating, sleep time and the activities before starting your personal training session!


I record the client's Body composition: Body muscle, Body fat percentage, BMI and Body measurements too. I also ask you to take an image of your body to keep

as a memory for your own use.

Every three weeks I do the same assessment to make sure the client is on the right track.


Why do you do regular free sessions

every three weeks?


I believe that being accountable and transparent are the important keys to grow a business. So the progress after every 3 weeks, increases the motivation to continue the plan! The good results mentally supports the client as he/she feels more confident than before their fitness journey!

The regular fitness level and body transformation assessments and also body measurement reports give us, my client and I, a proper idea

to see

how close we are to our ultimate fitness goal!

 It also shows us if we are in the right track or we need to do some changes in our program.

Are the training approach was good enough?

The results are outstanding! Whether you want to reduce your size or get toned, build muscle or increase Strength and Stamina, no matter of age or fitness level! From my experience, Of course, no magic but working together not just hard but smart can make a big difference! 

To give you an idea about our clients' satisfaction and reviews, you could see just some of the google review here



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 We have had outstanding results of running indoors and outdoors one to one or small group weight-loss challenges.


Body Shape Dream London

has a proven track record of effective weight loss solutions and attention to detail and our goal is to meet

and exceed the expectations of every client.

Whether your goal is, Body Shape Transformation e.g. losing weight, fat, getting in shape, gaining muscles, firming,

toning or increasing your Independency, Motivation and Stamina.

Kiwi is National Academy Of Sports Medicine Weight-loss Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Youth Exercise

Specialist with his own Holistic Fitness Training Approach, having more than two decades experience in Fitness,

specifically in Weight-loss. He has been working with different age groups, mostly have been referred by their GPs

to improve their health. His Holistic Fitness Training Approach has helped people who used to suffer

from back pain, obesity, diabetes, eating disorder and the difficulties which related to overweight. His One

to One, Weight-loss, Mobile Holistic Outdoors and Indoors Training Plan or Challenge has helped

hundreds. The Plan is packed with a Range of Meal Plan and effective

outdoors Workouts targeting your Weight-loss goal. After assessment, Subjective and Objective ones, the Daily

instructions are given to the clients. The plan includes Holistic Lifestyle Interventions Personal Training Program. So it is not a diet plan. So as soon as your plan starts, Kiwi

begins 24/7 days support to make sure not to be behind your expected stage. So if you are Serious to make a good change, we believe we together make the goal! There is nothing to lose, Join us and start your trial then there is no obligation to join!

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