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We promise to achieve the 5Kg a month Weight-loss Goal together. If not, just pay the travel costs, up to £5. To Book with Mobile Weight-loss Specialized Fitness Coach, text "5Kg off a month Goal" Now!

 We have had outstanding results of running indoors and outdoors one to one or small group weight-loss challenges.

Body Shape Dream London

has a proven track record of effective weight loss solutions and attention to detail and our goal is to meet and exceed the

expectations of every client.

Whether your goal is, Body Shape Transformation e.g. losing weight, fat, getting in shape, gaining muscles, firming,

toning, and having your BODY SHAPE DREAM or increasing your Independency, Motivation and Stamina.

Kiwi is National Academy Of Sports Medicine Weight-loss Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Youth Exercise

Specialist with his own Holistic Fitness Training Approach, having more than two decades experience in Fitness,

specifically in Weight-loss. He has been working with different age groups Who mostly have been referred by their GPs

to improve their health. His Holistic Fitness Training Approach has helped people who used to suffer

from backpainobesity, diabetes, eating disorder and the difficulties which related to overweight. His One

to One, Weight-loss 5Kg OFF a Month, Mobile Holistic Outdoors and Indoors Training Plan or Challenge has helped

hundreds specially during the coronavirus pandemic. The Plan is packed with a Range of Meal Plan and effective

outdoors Workouts targeting your Weight-loss goal. After assessment, Subjective and Objective ones, the Daily

instructions are given to the clients to follow on their own and attending in the outdoors workouts with kiwi to complete

their plan. The plan includes Holistic Lifestyle Interventions Personal Training Program. So it is not a diet plan. Looking

at the previous clients who were serious to lose weight, amazingly they have not only lost more than 5Kg weight in a

month but they have improved their Mood, Sleep and Eating habits and quality too. So as soon as your plan starts, Kiwi

begins 24/7 days support to make sure not to be behind your expected stage. So if you are Serious to make a good change, we believe we together make the goal! There is nothing to lose, Join us and start your trial then there is no obligation to pay until you see the plan is the one you need! We have helped hundreds so reserve your place and

certainly if the others made then you can!