ody Transformation Journey

Our two decades experience shows

the 9 out of 10 people hire Personal Trainer

for 3 main reasons:

 To improve Body image, Health and Fitness.

Why our clients have achieved outstanding results!

We are specialised in what our clients' needs are and we support our clients from day 1 until they achieve their goal!


We design the tailored workouts and eating plans and hold our clients accountable and motivate them regularly to achieve their goal!


No matter what your goal is or where to train, Gym, Park, Home or what barriers stopping you now! What it matters is we have solid experience and  expertise in helping people to achieve their ultimate goal!



Which of the following barriers stop you achieving your goal?!

"1. Physical

  • I’ve pulled a muscle / hurt my back

  • I’m not well at the moment

  • I’ve been working extra hours and I’m worn out

  • I think I’m getting a bit old for it

2. Emotional

  • People will laugh at me

  • I don’t look the part

  • I’m too big / out of shape

  • Exercise doesn’t really suit me

3. Motivational

  • I’m too tired

  • I’ve had a stressful day at work

  • I felt sore after the last session

  • I didn’t enjoy it

4. Time

  • I’ve had a hectic week and can’t fit it in

  • There’s lots on with work and the children

  • We’re going away shortly so I’ll leave it for a bit

  • I’m looking after a sick relative

5. Financial

  • I can’t afford it at the moment

  • I’m just waiting to get paid then I’ll resume

  • I’ve some unexpected costs ie car repairs

  • My job is at risk

6. Logistical

  • My working hours have changed

  • I need to look after the children

  • I don’t have use of a vehicle

                                                                                                                 ", Academy of fitness professionals.

   Which barriers

do stop you!

 we can help you overcome the barriers


achieve your goal!


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As soon as you contact us

you will have

the Consultation appointment:

Body composition,  Fitness level assessments and

the taster session.

To find  out

even more good reasons

to start your fitness journey with us


see some of our clients' review



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