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Bootcamp and Personal training classes near me. Richmond personal trainer or Fitness train

Best Personal training, PT classes near me and Richmond upon Thames Personal trainer.
Which personal trainer in Richmond hill, Barnes, Kew, Teddington, Esher, Chiswick, Brentford, Isleworth, Ham, Weybridge or workouts or exercises can help me lose belly fat, body fat, improve my strength, mobility, flexibility and best near me!

your Motivation,

 Richmond the best highly experienced, qualified, affordable, top and popular, famous weight-loss and certified Personal Trainer, PT, or Fitness Coach near me or in Richmond, Esher, Cobham, Hersham, Thames Ditton, Kingston, Teddington, Hinchley Wood, Weybridge, Kew, East Molesey, Kensington, Walton, Chiswick, Sheen and best online, mobile, home, outdoor one to one and Bootcamp group Personal training near me.

Bootcamp classes, Strength conditioning, Fat loss and diet or weight management solutions, private diet and training classes, mobility and posture improvement and diet program classes, home and private studio gym, autistic or disabled children or adults training Richmond hill TW10, Chiswick W4, Esher KT10, Cobham KT11, Weybridge KT13, Teddington TW11, Isleworth TW7, Ham, Hampton TW12, Twickenham TW1, Brentford TW8, Kew Gardens TW9, Chiswick House and Gardens W4, Mortlake SW14, North Sheen, Barnes SW13, Putney, Best Personal training coach and classes and Personal trainer near me.

Best Fitness Coach, Personal trainer, PT, near me

Boot Camp Classes

Best one to one and Bootcamp Personal training, PT, fitness coach and trainer near me


the Bespoke Holistic

Training and Diet Programs

to improve your health


transform your body!

Best Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Chiswick, Molesey, Weybridge and Teddington PT, personal trainer

 Why Should I Train
with Kiwi?

   Our Richmond, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Kew, Barnes, Chiswick, Isleworth, Sheen, Putney, Mortlake, Weybridge, Teddington, Esher and Sout West, West London and Surrey Personal Training and Weight-loss Coaching paving the path to wellness!

At Body Shape Dream London, our Mobile, on-site Personal training and Weight-loss Coaching with outstanding results is a better way to reach your fitness goal!

Recommended certified, Personal trainer, PT in Barnes, Chiswick, Esher, Weybridge, Teddington, South Kensington, Putney and Isleworth or Brentford.

Small Group PT Classes

Weybridge, Esher, Cobham, Sheen, Richmond, Barnes, Kensington, Chiswick, Twickenham and Hampton best PT, fitness trainer, wellness coach, nutritionist, gym and dietician near me

Children Personal Training

+ Your Gp has warned you or your child of being overweight?

+ You are one of the special or vulnerable groups:

 Mental health, physical disability and learning disability?

+ Not happy how your Body Shape or Strength is?

+ Need to firm up skin through building lean muscle?  

+ Got a specific events:

Wedding, Beach Holiday or Sports Performance Plan

to reduce size, weight or tone up to look great & feel confident?



+ Lack of motivation and Feel tired   

+ Too busy   

+ Fan of fun ways to exercise   

+ Not sure how to plan your goal   

+ Having barriers stopping you from training   

+ Not comfortable training in gyms or outdoors   

+ Scared to start

+ Even tried many times, but not achieved your goal!?


To find out

how he helps his clients achieve their desired goals

book your consultation appointment!

Who is the best Personal trainer near me

Local Personal Training Classes near me with best Personal trainers in Richmond, Kew, Barnes, North Sheen, Chiswick and
West and South West London


More than 20 years of

Fitness coaching, Weight-loss Personal training, Martial arts experience!

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Specialists, NASM. Weight-loss Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist

Youth Exercise Specialist

Outdoors Boot Camp training, Bespoke Holistic Lifestyle Interventions Planner!

Been working with Weight-loss and Diet clinics! 

Our Surrey best, qualified, top local Personal trainers in Richmond, Kew, Chiswick, Barnes London, East and North Sheen, Mortlake, Brentford, Putney, South Kensington, Hampton, Teddington, Esher and Weybridge, Shepperton, Cobham, Twickenham, Sunbury, Walton, Hampton Court, Molesey and nearby towns 

Want to find out more
to see our clients' outstanding results


Best certified weight loss, children, disabled people PT, private trainer, fitness professional and nutritionist near me in Richmond upon Thames and Esher, Weybridge and Barnes.

West and south west London and Surrey Bootcamp weight-loss one to one personal training and small group sessions are running by Body Shape Dream London personal trainers. We train our clients at home, local parks and gyms! One of the best personal training and weight-loss services which you can trust is Body Shape Dream London where serves West, South West London and Surrey County. At Body Shape Dream London, they offer a wide range of services to suit every need. They provide one-to-one personal training, group classes, weight loss programs, and much more. Their team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will ensure that you achieve your desired results. The best thing about Body Shape Dream London personal trainers is that they are very friendly and approachable. You can ask them anything and they will be happy to help you. They understand what you want from your workout sessions and will work with you to get there. The personal trainers are always available to answer questions and provide advice. They offer free consultations where they discuss your goals and expectations. Body Shape Dream London in West London having top Personal trainers who understand what motivates people to exercise and help them achieve their fitness goals. A good personal trainer should be able to motivate clients to stick to their workout routines and help them reach their weight loss goals. So, if you want to lose weight and get fit, then you need to find a personal trainer who understands your needs and wants. You need to find a personal coach who has the right knowledge and skills to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Looking for Bridal and Wedding, Bikini, Anniversary or your Special day
Richmond Personal training and Weight-loss Plan? 

Are you getting married? Going to honeymoon? Have a special day or event? Want to have a Beach or Bikini body shape?  Summer or hot holiday already booked? Not seen someone for ages, so you want to surprise him/her?  Whatever your special day is, Body Shape Dream London highly recommended Mobile and Onsite PT, Fitness Coaches can help you look great that day and enjoy your special day! They have been working with local and high street businesses such as: Beauty Salons, Wedding Planners, Travel and Holiday agencies and local health and fitness specialists that are top rated for their quality and customer services!


What Goal are you thinking of ?
one of the following goal
the best suits you
to book your free goal Consultation!


Richmond, Kew, Chiswick, Barness Wedding and Bridal best personal trainer, Fitness Coach, near me
Kew, Richmond, Barnes, Chiswick Bikini Body Personal trainer near me

Want to enjoy your hot and beach holiday? Feel not confident and comfortable enough to wear your bikini? You can be surprised to see Body Shape dream London Bikini Body Transformation outstanding results! They have helped hundreds to build their Bikini Body! So, you can get your body shape back even better than you had in the past through bespoke eating and training plan in a reasonable time! 

Barnes, Kew, Richmond, Sheen, Putney, Chiswick new mum post-pregnancy belly plan near me

Body Shape Dream London is a leading personal training and weight-loss service provider in Richmond with highly skilful fitness coaches who are specialized in Post-Pregnancy Training in Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Mortlake, North Sheen, Putney, Chiswick and serves most areas in West, South West London and Surrey County.  What exercises are best to remove baby bump?

Chiswick, Richmond, Putney, Kew, Barnes best Children, youth, Personal trainer near me
Richmond, Kew, Barness, Chiswick, Putney, Mortlake Elderly over 50 seniors PT, Fitness Coach near me

Is your child over-weight or so bored and lack of confidence? Do you need to find a Youth, Children Personal trainer who understands and specialized in Children Exercise and Training? What exercises are the best for children? How long do children need to do exercise daily? Which local personal trainer, PT, or Fitness Coach in Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Chiswick and near me is the best? Body Shape Dream London personal trainers are highly qualified and experienced in working with children, having Enhanced DBS Check which you can be sure that your children are safe and learning the techniques properly too.

No matter who we are, as we age our body starts losing muscle and gaining body fat! According to majority of the studies, the important and key for people who are over 50 is keep trying to be active considering their levels and capabilities! The seniors, over fifty years old, could get much more benefits than the adults under 50 if they hire a personal trainer who is specialised in elderly people. Needless to say, seniors personal training has its own expertise which a regular personal trainer is not aware of that. 

Richmond, Kew, Chiswick, Putney, Barnes and Sheen best Performance training Personal trainer near me

Do you want to reach over your limits, even more! Which workouts, training or exercises can push us to our limits? What benefits we could get from performance training? What qualities should a performance training PT, Fitness coach should have? Performance training help people reduce the risk of injury and improve their potential and individual skills to be good at their favourite sport. Body Shape Dream London fitness coaches have designed bespoke holistic performance training program which is unique for each age groups and fitness levels.

What Personal trainer in Richmond Upon Thames trains special group, disabled or autistic children or adults who living in Kew, Barnes, Sheen or Mortlake, Putney, Chiswick, Elmbridge, Cobham, Teddington, Sunbury on Thames, Shepperton? Kiwi is one of the best recommended PT, Private trainer, Bootcamp and female and male and celebrity personal trainer in London and Surrey! One of the best weight loss Richmond, wedding nutritionists and dieticians who is the highest top results in transforming body and mind!

 Kiwi's Mobile Personal Training and Weight-loss Services in West, South West London and Surrey County: Kensington, Richmond TW10, Kew TW9, Mortlake, Barnes, East Sheen, North Sheen, and part of Sheen Lane SW14 and Sw13, Brentford TW8, Isleworth TW7, Chiswick W4, Teddington W11, Twickenham TW1, Hampton TW12, Sunbury TW16, Shepperton TW17, Thames Ditton, Walton on Thames KT12, Hersham, Molesey, Weybridge KT13 and Esher KT10 and Cobham KT11 and nearby towns! 

How do I want to drop my size and lose belly fat through training and diet? Which supplement, protein bar, powder, is the best to firm up, tone up, healthy, effective, plant based, to lose fat fast, highest protein, fiber and creatine, caffeine? How to find the best affordable, local mobile PT, personal trainer or fitness coach near me? How to reduce my calories and stress? Which nutritionist, dietician, or weight-loss clinic near me is the best in Surrey?  Which best enhanced DBS, affordable, local, results-driven, popular, famous, trusted, Gps' recommended, mobile personal trainer, PT, or Fitness Coach for new mums and dads, dropping sizes, busy professional, wedding, holiday, physical and mental health, depression, strength, posture and stamina improvement, Stress relief, injury recovery, smart training, Bootcamp and Home classes, belly fat, body transformation, bikini goal, kids, weight-loss, wellness, holistic training, diet, elderly, senior or old people and also people who have low mobility, flexibility, motivation to start training and living in Elmbridge borough, Esher KT10,Weybridge KT13, Hersham KT12, Cobham KT11, North Sheen SW14, Richmond Hill TW10, Teddington TW11, Sunbury TW16 and Shepperton TW17, Thames Ditton, Barnes SW13, Chiswick W4, Kew TW9, Isleworth TW7 and Brentford TW8, East Molesey KT8, Hampton Hill TW12 top one to one or group Personal training and weight-loss classes near me which are best in Surrey County, West and South West London! Which app is best for weight-loss, building muscle, motivation improvement, wellness and health, training and use as a PT, best fitness app to use? Find local best gym, fitness instructors, health clubs, leisure centres or private studio boutique gym near me offering outstanding service where most fitness professional recommend in Esher, Cobham, Elmbridge, Hersham, Weybridge, Richmond, Kew, Mortlake, Twickenham, Ham, Richmond Green, Walton on Thames, Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames, Bushy Park, Hinchley Wood, Kew Garden, Chiswick House and Gardens, Kew Green, Richmond Park? Are you looking for the best Kids, Children, Youth teens'  Enhanced DBS PT and Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach who is highly experienced working with autistic or disabled children who are overweight, obese or diabetic? Do you feel tired, bored and lack energy? Which app is best for preparing healthy food or meal plans to lose my body weightWhy Richmond personal trainer achieves outstanding results why you should train with him? There are many reasons: * He is dedicated Personal trainer, e.g. Before you sign up, he starts explore your goal: Body Composition and Fitness level assessments, Goal Setting, Indoor and Outdoor Sessions and design your tailored Training and Diet Program in the free week trial! * Kiwi is highly recommended, qualified and experienced Wellness Coach, PT: He has been working with health clubs and weight-loss clinics more than two decades. Enhanced DBS checked working with different age groups and people with special needs. Specialised in Body Transformation, Children and Seniors Fitness Training from National Academy of Sports Medicine . *  Kiwi is a driven, ambitious and enthusiastic personal trainer who significant impact on your health and fitness journey and help you strive to achieve your goals through fun way of training even if you hate exercising!

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