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At Body Shape Dream London, our Mobile, on-site Personal training and Weight-loss Coaching with outstanding results is a better way to reach your fitness goal!

Start with us to discover some of the most effective ways to stay ahead in Health and Fitness!

Why you should start training with us!

There are many reasons that you should hire our local qualified, experienced, trusted and holistic Personal trainers who specialize in what your health and fitness goals are!


Our good Fitness coaches and Personal trainers, PTs, help you from losing weight, building confidence, toning up, preparing for a competition or a special event, boosting your motivation, helping you identify individual barriers which stop you reaching your goals to improving mental and physical health.


Our personal trainers apply a bespoke holistic lifestyle interventions approach considering your current levels of fitness to help you achieve your ultimate goal!



If you are included in one of the following people, then we certainly can help you achieve your desired goals!

  • Have you been training on your own or been on different diets to achieve your specific Fitness or Weight-loss goal, but you are not satisfied with the results? 


  • Do you need to design a Bespoke Holistic Meal and Training Program to lose weight or get fit?



  • Are your unhealthiness and weight, body image, affecting your medical, mental health and your social life? 



  • Are you one of the people lacking in motivation?



  • Having a busy schedule and lack of time?



  • Do you make excuses, e.g. " I will start the next day" or feeling tired all the time?



  • Do you need a professional's advice and company to start training to hold you accountable?



  • Are you a new mum, need to remove a belly bump?



  • Does your job involve sitting most of the time and you need to find a solution to stop this barrier affecting you?



  • Are you a person who is not a fan of gym exercise, but you enjoy doing different kinds of fun ways exercises and learning skills such as martial arts, self-defence, outdoors and boot camps?



  • Do you have a special event such as: wedding or new year's resolution?



  • Is your goal to build bikinis and beach bodies to enjoy hot sunny holidays? 



  • Are you someone who has been told by your GP to start exercise to improve your current medical conditions such as Blood Sugar and Pressure improvement, Posture correction, Weight management, Back pain and Anxiety and Stress relief or to boost your general mental and physical health?



  • Do you want to have a sustainable Weight-loss and Fitness Program to be healthy and confident with your body image?








 You are just a call away from us to see how effectively we can help you have a good change!

We strongly recommend you to book our Clarity Consultancy appointment to see how comprehensive our program is!

It is worth trying our free session to find out why our clients have achieved outstanding results from our program! 


Best local experienced, qualified, recommended Personal trainer and weight-loss fitness coach near me


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Try our Program before signing up!

The Program starts with one week trial!

The Week Trial helps you find out whether we are the right fit for you or not!

During the week training trial, you experience body reaction, the quality and effectiveness of the bespoke fitness training plan and the high level of our support too.

Actually, after the Week Trial, it is easy for you to make the decision to continue your Plan with us or not!


So, the week trial helps you find the proper and safe way to achieve your goal without any stress, concerns or wasting your time and money.


Of course, there will be ups and downs, smiles and frowns, tiredness, different kinds of barriers and more during the plan 


working together, having a proper goal setting and action planning and a positive attitude help us achieve our ultimate goal even earlier than the expected time!



Book your week trial by sending a text " Ready for the Trial" to 0751 305 9357.


  • We invite you for Clarity Consultancy Appointment to explore your current situations in terms of body composition, lifestyle and your desired goal.


  • We design a bespoke training and meal plan just for you, considering your real needs!


  • We start training you wherever your preference is, Gyms, Parks, Home.


  • We teach you which training suits your needs to do on your own to reduce the PT sessions and to be independent too.


  • We send you some training booster tips beside your Meal Plan to follow too,


After one week, you make your decision whether to sign up for a short, long term plan with us or not.


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We are running regular one to one and small group Boot Camp indoor and outdoor classes! The classes help you improve your Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Posture, General physical health and have a good impact on your Mental health too!

Looking for a local qualified, highly recommended and specialised Personal trainer and Weight-loss services in Richmond upon Thames, Kew, Chiswick and Barnes areas! How to lose body weight fast! What exercises and diets are the best to lose weight? Richmond and Chiswick, Kew and Barnes Senior and Youth Personal training classes! Best local mobile Personal trainer near me, Kew Richmond, Chiswick and Barnes. 


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